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An Update: A New Series and a New Format

After a Winter and Spring absence, Between the Art is back in time for Summer with a refresh, a new logo, and a new format!

The last series of artists finished in October with jeweller and silversmith Amy Dunnachie. Since then, life has been a whirlwind, leaving little space to dedicate time to the blog. However this made me think that perhaps there was an easier way to keep Between the Art going all year round... Instead of a series of artists, with articles posted over 10 or so weeks, the artist conversations will be posted once a month. Each article is also slightly shorter, making the format more digestible. This also means that you, the reader, will know to come back to the blog in the middle of every month to read about another artist and what makes their practice significant to the exploration of place and the world in which we all inhabit.

As always, the artists have all been selected because of their significant interests in working closely with their surrounding environment. Whether this is a particular landscape or a studio, each one has their own interpretation of how place impacts on their practice and outcomes of work. Between the Art aims to be as diverse as possible, featuring international artists from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds, and specialising in a huge variety of disciplines. If you know someone who has an artistic practice that engages with the notion of place and environment, please do get in touch.

The new format will kick off this month, in August, with an artist I was extremely excited to talk to... Musician and singer-songwriter Jenny Sturgeon, who has just finished a tour of her most recent album The Living Mountain. This one is not to be missed!

The popular book list at the end of each article will also continue, with each artist sharing a few books that are either in their current reading pile, or have inspired their practice. Until Jenny's article is released next week, I leave you with my own book list, perfect for summer reading...

Poppy's Book List:

1. Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer

This is the second book by Kimmerer I have read, and just like Braiding Sweetgrass, she has a wonderful writing style that captures both her wisdom and sense of hope. Even though this relatively small non-fiction book is exploring the natural history of mosses, there is much to be gained from learning about this micro world underneath our feet.

2. I am an Island by Tasmin Calidas

A true story of the author's journey to and life on a remote Scottish Hebridean Island, this is an intense read and quite an eye-opener to the harsh reality of island life. Whilst marvelling at Calidas' resilience and survival, the book becomes a beautiful memoir of how immersion in her surroundings brings about an appreciation and renewed passion for the land she now calls home.

3. The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane

I have only recently discovered how much I enjoy reading Macfarlane's work, with this, his second book, first published in 2007. This has been a comforting read for me whilst stuck in a city, amidst a heatwave, missing fresher air and longing for wilder places.

A huge thank you for continuing to read and support Between the Art. All the articles from the previous series of artists will stay up on the blog so that you can catch up on any that you may have missed at any time.

Please get in touch with your feedback, suggestions, or if you are an artist who would like to be featured in a future article.

All Images: Artist's Own

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